What are the precautions for the selection of marine cables?

Look at the inspection report

As a product that affects personal and property safety, marine wire and cable has always been listed as the focus of government supervision and inspection. Regular production enterprises are subject to regular inspections by regulatory authorities. Therefore, the supplier can provide the inspection report of the quality inspection department, otherwise, the quality of the wire and cable products lacks a basis.

Look at the packaging

All enterprises that produce products in accordance with national standards attach great importance to product packaging. When purchasing, pay attention to the clear printing and complete model specifications.

Take a look at the look

The appearance of high-grade marine wire and cable products meets the requirements of the standard, smooth and round, and the color is uniform. Counterfeit products have a rough and matte appearance. Rubber-insulated flexible cable with round shape and sheaths, insulation and wires that are not easily detached. Counterfeit and shoddy products have a rough appearance, large ovality, low sheath insulation strength, and can be torn open by hand.

Look at the conductor

The wires are tin plated and smooth, and the DC resistance and wire size meet national standards. Products that meet the requirements of national standards, whether it is aluminum conductors or copper conductors, are relatively bright and oil-free, so the DC resistance of the conductors is fully in line with national standards, good conductivity, and high safety.


Post time: Jul-25-2022