【Must charge technology】——“Shore power” ship charging pile

Shore power ship charging piles include: AC shore power piles, DC shore power piles, and AC-DC integrated shore power piles provide power supply through shore power, and the shore power piles are fixed to the shore. The shore power ship charging pile is mainly a charging device used for charging ships such as ports, parks, and docks.

During the operation of the ship at the port, in order to maintain the needs of production and life, it is necessary to start the auxiliary generator on the ship to generate power to provide the necessary power, which will produce a large amount of harmful substances. According to statistics, the carbon emissions generated by auxiliary generators during the berthing period of ships account for 40% to 70% of the total carbon emissions of the port, which is an important factor affecting the air quality of the port and the city where it is located.

The so-called shore power technology uses shore-based power sources instead of diesel engines to directly supply power to cruise ships, cargo ships, container ships, and maintenance ships, so as to reduce pollution emissions when ships are berthing in ports. It sounds like shore power technology is simply replacing diesel generators onboard with electricity from shore, but it’s by no means as simple as pulling two wires from the shore grid. First of all, the shore power terminal is a harsh power consumption environment with high temperature, high humidity and high corrosiveness. Secondly, the frequency of electricity consumption in various countries is not the same. For example, the United States uses 60HZ alternating current, which does not match the frequency of 50HZ in my country. At the same time, the voltage and power interfaces required by ships of different tonnages are also different. The voltage needs to meet the span from 380V to 10KV, and the power also has different requirements from several thousand VA to more than 10 MVA. In addition, each company’s ships have different external interfaces, and the shore power technology must be able to actively detect and adapt to different interfaces to meet the needs of different companies’ ships.

It can be said that shore power technology is an emerging comprehensive system solution project, which needs to provide different ship power supply methods according to different actual situations. Energy saving and emission reduction is a national strategic measure, especially for the problem of port pollution from ships, the state has proposed a strategy for port transformation and upgrading. Obviously, shore power technology is an important way to achieve green emission reduction in ports.

Post time: Apr-20-2022