• CEMS(Continuous Emission Monitoring System)

    CEMS(Continuous Emission Monitoring System)

    The ship emissions measuring device is an innovative solution for reliably measuring emissions on ships according to MARPOL Annex VI and IMO MEPC. The device is type-approved for this application by well-known classification organizations. It measures both SOx and CO2 upstream and downstream of the scrubbers, and NOx upstream and downstream of SCR (selective catalytic reduction) plants. Designed to be used on ships, the measuring device boasts extremely low maintenance costs and modules that are easy to replace.

  • WWMS (Wash Water Monitoring System)

    WWMS (Wash Water Monitoring System)

    With our many years experience in providing monitoring equipment to the marine applications, we focus to provide simple, reliable and efficient solutions. We are able to meet precisely your requirements for the water monitoring.

  • Metal Expansion Joint And Rubber Bellow Compensator

    Metal Expansion Joint And Rubber Bellow Compensator

    Metal expansion joint is a kind of compensator made of metal like stainless steel 316L and 254 etc. It can expand and contract along the axis of the pipeline, and also allows a small amount of bending.

  • Standard Gas for EGCS instruments calibration

    Standard Gas for EGCS instruments calibration

    Calibration gas mainly used in the calibration and detection of petrochemical process control instruments, the quality control of petrochemical products, environmental pollutant detection, exhaust emission detection of automobile and ships, the detection of various factory exhaust gases, the calibration of mine alarms, and the calibration of medical instruments inspection, power system transformer oil quality inspection…