Marsic marine exhaust emission monitoring system

Relying on the ship emission monitoring device marcic of sick, you can navigate the world’s oceans with your existing DNV GL certification, and safely ensure the effective and reliable monitoring of measured data in the ship emission control area. You can rest assured that in the long run, the cost of maintenance and calibration will remain at a low level.

1.Leading technology for maximum efficiency

Low cost. Get twice the result with half the effort
Minimum maintenance
Less moving parts to avoid wear
One analyzer can carry out multi-point measurement
Built in calibration filter for automatic calibration

2.Marsic ship emission monitoring device can quickly recover costs

The adoption of exhaust gas cleaning technology allows the use of heavy oil in emission control areas, which brings considerable potential for fuel cost savings. The financial cost of installing exhaust gas cleaning devices and measurement technology will be recovered soon.

3.High availability

It can be completed by engineers on board
Modular design makes service simpler and faster
You can quickly seek the help of experts through remote services

4.Cost reduction through process monitoring

Marsic measurement technology can provide important information for monitoring and economic optimization of ship propulsion
Measuring methane escape on LNG and dual fuel powered ships
Optimize ship performance to reduce consumption

5.Reliable marsic

Reliability comes from proven technology
As a leader in land-based emission monitoring technology, sick has decades of experience in development and integration of gas analysis and emission monitoring. In addition, sick can provide complex on-board measurement systems and has a long history in ship applications. Thus, marsic includes repeatedly tested technologies that can prove its quality and reliability on a global scale.


Post time: Aug-03-2022