Drum type reel type box type marine cable winch

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Shore-based cable winches are cable management equipment in the ship’s shore power supply system. It is installed on the wharf and provides a flexible and convenient way to connect shore power cables for ships calling at the port.

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1. When the ship leaves the port, the cable winch neatly stores the shore ship connecting cables on the cable winch for backup. When shore power is needed, connect the cable to the power receiving point on the ship's side, and transmit electrical energy to the ship's electrical equipment through the large-capacity slip ring assembly of the equipment.
2. During the shore power supply period, the cable winch implements linear tension control and automatically manages the shore ship connection cable.

Drum type reel type box type marine cable winch (1)

The main components of the cable winch (reel):
● Frequency conversion control system一It can automatically retract/release the cable with the fluctuation of the tide level, and realize the intelligent management of the reel. The enclosure is IP65.
● Cable一10kV medium voltage (or 1kV low voltage) can be wound flexible all-in-one cable. The cable contains a multi-core optical cable and a control core for communication and interlocking protection.
● Cable winch (reel) 一Wind 1-4 cables according to the ship's capacity. The spokes of the reel are made of stainless steel and sprayed with anticorrosive paint.
● Collector (slip ring) assembly一Multi-point blade type carbon brushes and guide groove slip rings are used to effectively reduce the temperature rise and increase the current carrying capacity. The carbon brushes are made of special materials, and the carbon powder caused by the wear of the carbon brushes can be ignored during use.
● Navigation system一Both ends of the fairlead roller adopt self-lubricating sealed bearings, and the fairlead device is driven by an electro-hydraulic system. It is easy and convenient to operate the free retracting and retracting guidewire mechanism.


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