Online sharing of corrosion repair process of desulfurization pump casing

In the wet desulfurization process, the desulfurization pump often has major problems such as erosion, corrosion and corrosion. For such problems, enterprises usually use replacement spare parts to meet the requirements of the production process. The production enterprises are also extending the service life of the desulfurization pump by replacing the material of the desulfurization pump, so that both the production enterprise and the user unit have virtually increased the cost input. Soleil carbon nanopolymer material is a solvent-free high-performance two-component polymer material, which is composed of high-performance epoxy resin, carbon fiber, silicon steel, ceramics, etc. The material has good adhesion and can be well adhered to various metals, concrete, glass and other materials. At the same time, the material also has excellent impact resistance, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties, which can not only effectively solve the corrosion and erosion of desulfurization pumps It can greatly extend the life cycle of the pump and improve the pump efficiency.

Operation steps for corrosion repair of desulfurization pump casing:

1. Preliminary preparations: remove the impeller, leave an operable space, and do a good job of on-site dustproof and safety protection;

2. Surface treatment of pump casing: first check the erosion and corrosion of the pump casing, then rinse the pump casing with clean water to remove the residual desulfurization liquid on the surface, and then sandblast the surface of the pump casing to remove the oxide layer and increase the repair surface of the pump casing Roughness, increase the cohesion of the repair material;

3. After sandblasting is completed, clean the entire surface of the pump casing with absolute ethanol to remove residual dirt and dry it;

4. Mix the Soleil SD3000 material in strict accordance with the proportion, mix evenly, and then apply the material evenly to the surface of the pump casing;

5. Mix the Soleil SD7400 material in strict accordance with the proportion, and then evenly apply it to the surface of the pump casing. After the application is completed, repeatedly scrape and press to make the surface more compact and smooth;

6. After the repair and protection of the entire surface of the pump casing is completed, check the compactness of the surface, and repair local defects twice to ensure that the entire surface of the protective layer is free of defects, so as to achieve a better use effect;

7. After the material is cured, the impeller and other components can be installed and the machine can be started.


Post time: Jun-20-2022