The difference between special cables and ordinary cables

With the continuous development of the high-tech Internet, the demand for cables and cables will continue to increase, and the specifications and models of cables will continue to increase. Therefore, it is not very easy to truly grasp the professional knowledge in these areas; This requires everyone to study and train little by little, and gradually accumulate. Below, I will introduce the difference between special cables and general cables!


General cable


Special cables are different from general cables. Special cables can be used in unique places, and their functions are also unique, such as high temperature resistance, strong oxidant resistance, and anti-white ants. Among them, high temperature resistant cables and cables are mainly used in new energy development, steel, aerospace, oil exploration and metallurgical industries. The low-inductor cable has a very good heat removal effect, not only a large amount of cooling water, but also not easy to block and overcurrent protection. Low-noise cables are mainly used in industries such as medicine, industrial production, national defense and security that require precise measurement of fine data signals, and can detect the bottom sound. In addition, there are also functional cables and cables and new low-carbon environmental protection cables.


Special cable


General cables are more diversified, including home decoration cables, electrical equipment cables and power engineering cables. It is different in terms of high temperature resistance level and structure; for example, the long-term allowable working temperature of home improvement wires is 70°C, which is mostly used for home decoration; while the allowable operating temperature of special cables can reach above 250°C, which is mostly used for outdoor use. Laying, the distance between the two is also huge. There are also general cables that have the characteristics of flexibility, flame retardancy, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., but they are not as effective as special cables such as fire safety cables, moisture-proof cables, armored cables, flexible cables, and termite control cables. Okay.


Secondary products of special cables: armored cables and cables, fire-resistant cables, flexible cables, fire-resistant safety cables, radiation source cables, moisture-proof cables, fly ant-proof cables, pre-branched cables, flame-retardant cables, intelligent security system cables, etc. .


General cable products: mineral cables, low-smoke halogen-free cables, high-voltage cables, aluminum alloy profile cables, chemical cross-linked cables, aerial cables, rubber sheathed cables, control cables, shielded cables, communication cables, home decoration cables, electronic computers Cables, solar power cables, data information cables, sheathed cables, power plugs, aux cables, surveillance video cables, etc.


Post time: Mar-02-2022