VOCs standard gas contributes to environmental improvement and makes a great difference

1. Standard gas for monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) participate in the photochemical reaction of ozone and particulate matter (PM2.5) in the atmospheric environment, are the main culprits of regional atmospheric ozone pollution and PM2.5 pollution, and are an important precursor to urban haze and photochemical smog. These substances, combined with their widespread toxicity, have serious impacts on human and ecosystem health.

In order to effectively improve the quality of the atmospheric environment, my country has formulated a series of relevant systems and standards for VOCs management and monitoring. Based on this, our company has developed a series of standard gases for VOCs monitoring, including TO-14, TO-15, PAMS, The 4-component internal standard and other VOCs standard materials have been compared with internationally recognized similar reference materials, and their stability and uncertainty have reached the level of similar international products. The 43-component TO-14 VOCs standard gas has also been measured in China. The tests conducted by the Academy of Sciences gave satisfactory results. Product Information (Certified Reference Materials)


2. Standard gas for environmental monitoring Good air quality is the premise of sustainable development of human society. Therefore, it is necessary to control the pollution emissions from industry and human life, etc., to ensure the air quality of all human living areas including special workplaces. Accurate, stable and traceable standard gas is a necessary prerequisite for the smooth progress of air quality monitoring.

Our company can provide standard substances that meet the requirements of most air quality monitoring and control standards, and can also customize the required standard gases according to customer requirements. Product Information (Certified Reference Materials)




Post time: May-10-2022