Function and common use of standard gas

Function of standard gas

1.The traceable gas reference materials established for measurement have good homogeneity and stability, can preserve the chemical composition and characteristic values of the materials, and transfer their values in different spaces and times. Therefore, the traceability of measurement can be obtained by using standard gas for various actual measurement results.
2.To ensure the accuracy and consistency of the measurement results, the standard gas can be used to calibrate or verify the measuring instruments, evaluate the quality of the measurement process and various measurements, so as to ensure the consistency of different time and space measurements.
3.The standard gas is a means to transfer the measurement value and achieve accurate and consistent measurement results. The values of the basic units of the International System of Units are transferred to the actual measurement through standard gases of different grades to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.
4. To promote the development of measurement technology and quality supervision, standard gas plays an important role in ensuring the consistency of product quality and inspection results, as well as the scientific, authoritative and impartial nature of technical supervision. The type of identification of new instruments, metrological certification of quality inspection institutions, laboratory accreditation, and the formulation, verification and implementation of national and industrial gas product standards are inseparable from standard gases.

Common use of standard gas

1. Used for building and home environment monitoring
With the improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the decoration of buildings and homes. The harmful substances in indoor building decoration materials must be strictly controlled and accurately detected, such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc. In order to accurately determine the content of harmful gases in the home environment, it is necessary to have corresponding standard gases to calibrate the instrument.
2.Used for monitoring atmospheric environmental pollution
With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the problem of controlling environmental pollution is imminent. All countries have formulated environmental protection laws, environmental standards and the maximum allowable concentrations of harmful substances in the atmosphere of residential areas. Therefore, environmental monitoring and control, and assessment of air pollution are more important. In order to ensure the accuracy of monitoring and the effectiveness of governance, it is necessary to calibrate and monitor various instruments and meters regularly with accurate and reliable standard gases.
3.Used for inspection and calibration of instruments
Modern production process, from raw material inspection, production process control to final product quality inspection and evaluation, is inseparable from various types of instruments. In order to ensure efficient and high-quality production, it is necessary to regularly use various standard gases to verify or calibrate its instruments and meters, especially after long-term use or repair of online instruments and meters, it is more necessary to use standard gases to calibrate the scale.
4.For medical health and clinical laboratory
In recent years, standard gases in China have been used in medical and health care and clinical tests, such as blood gas analysis, lung function measurement, bacterial culture, respiratory metabolism measurement, radioactive tracer, surgical laser surgery, pregnant women’s delivery, etc.
5. For gas product quality control
In order to ensure that the quality of produced gas products meets the national or industrial standards, daily supervision and inspection must be carried out on the products on a regular basis. Most gas analysis instruments are relative measuring instruments, and standard gases must be used as quantitative standards to ensure the accuracy of measurement results.


Post time: Nov-29-2022