How to identify the pros and cons of flanged rubber expansion joints?

Distinguish the pros and cons of rubber expansion joints,

1. Identify and analyze the color of rubber expansion joints. Better insulating rubber expansion joints have bright colors, deep color purity and smooth surface. In contrast, the secondary film is dull in color, with a rough surface and air bubbles. There must be no harmful irregularities on the upper and lower surfaces of the insulating rubber expansion joint. Damage uniformity, small holes, cracks, local bulges, cuts, inclusions, creases, gaps, concave and convex ripples, casting marks, etc. are all bad factors that damage uniformity and damage the smooth contour of the surface. Harmless inhomogeneity refers to the surface inhomogeneity formed during the production process.

2. The odor of the rubber expansion joint was justified. A better rubber expansion joint can be smelled with the nose. It has a slight smell, but it can be dispersed in a short time. Any kind of rubber product will have a special smell. On the contrary, the inferior insulating rubber sheet will produce a pungent odor, and if used for a long time, if you stay in this environment for a few minutes, you will experience dizziness symptoms.

Three: The operation of the rubber expansion joint can directly fold the product. The good rubber expansion joint has no signs of folding. On the contrary, the inferior rubber sheet is likely to be broken. More than 5 different points should be randomly selected for thickness measurement and inspection of the entire rubber sheet. It can be measured with one-thousandth of heart stem or equivalent accuracy. The accuracy of the caliper should be within 0.02 mm, the diameter of the caliper should be 6 mm, the diameter of the flat presser foot should be 3.17±0.25 mm, and the presser foot should be able to withstand the pressure (0.83±0.03). The insulating gasket should be laid flat , to smooth from caliper to caliper.

Fourth, the weight of rubber joints with diameters. In general, the quality of heavy rubber joints is better. This is because it is clearly stipulated that the number of rubber layers of rubber joints must reach a certain standard, but some businesses cut corners and secretly reduce the number of rubber layers. , to deceive consumers. The second is to press the edge of the rubber joint with fingers. If a certain elastic deformation can be achieved, it can be shown that the elastic deformation performance of the rubber joint does not have much influence.

Post time: May-06-2022