Industrial cable applications – marine and offshore scenarios (product certification mark)

Wire and cable (Cable and Wire) are widely used. Aside from the civilian field, let’s focus on the use of cables in the industrial environment. To make all kinds of equipment run, it is inseparable from wires and cables suitable for the environment and working conditions. Its selection is not simply regarded as nothing more than an outer sheath and a copper guide wire, so it is ready to use. It is necessary to consider the material selection of the product, the extrusion process used and the relevant agency certification. Today, we introduce the industrial-grade cable application specifications for marine and offshore scenarios.

marine cable

Low voltage power and control cables for shipyards.
Armoured/unarmoured cables, fireproof, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) suitable for inverter use.
Fire and Water Resistant (FR-WSR) cable for fixed installation on board, EMI shielded cable, suitable for power, signal and safety fire fighting equipment communication.
Medium voltage marine cables up to 30 kV.
Institutional approvals of different classification societies (ABS/LR/RINA/BV/DNV-GL).

Offshore cables

Low voltage power and control cables for offshore construction.
Mud-resistant submarine cables comply with NEK Standard 606.
Mud Resistant Submarine Cable IEEE1580 Type P and UL1309/CSA245 Type X110.
Mud resistant submarine cables according to BS6883 and BS7917 standards.

Drilling cable

Inverter, power, control and instrumentation cables, dual certified IEEE1580 Type P and UL1309/CSA and X110.
Drive reins and suspension cables.

submarine cable

Subsea connection cables according to specific requirements.
Low and medium voltage copper or aluminum cables, and custom fiber optic cables.
Cables with high mechanical stress protected by waterproof material and metal armor.
Specially constructed cables for extreme deep water.

The introduction of industrial cable application specifications has come to an end today. Thanks for attention!

The following are the logos of some cable industry certification bodies. When choosing cables, please look for products with relevant industry certification marks, which are the guarantee of quality and product life.


Post time: May-30-2022