The role of CEMS

CEMS mainly monitors SO2, NOX, 02 (standard, wet basis, dry basis and conversion), particle concentration, flue gas temperature, pressure, flow rate and other related parameters, and makes statistics on them, so as to calculate emission rate, total emissions, etc.

In the modern era of advocating green environmental protection, flue gas environmental monitoring is an indispensable part, so CEMS has played an important role. Through continuous monitoring of gaseous pollutants (SO2, NOX, 02, etc.) in flue gas emissions, particulate matter monitoring, flue gas parameters and other factors, it can be judged whether the flue gas emissions meet the qualified standards and environmental requirements.

The modern environmental protection industry mainly depends on the main project of the customer for flue gas treatment projects, and even needs to comprehensively consider the characteristics of the main project, construction conditions, the scale and composition of flue gas emissions in engineering design and implementation to conduct equipment selection, process route formulation, etc. These are all highly customized, requiring high professional ability and technical application level of service providers.


Post time: Dec-05-2022